David Cole


There’s an iOS game I like a lot called Hoplite, pictured in the bottom right. For fun I wanted to try redoing the art and interface. I tried literal translations at first, but switched to a style meant to evoke chess puzzles you find in newspapers. In the final pass, I applied the original palate to the chess assets.


We all seem to share the fear that one day someone will realize and point out that we have been faking it the whole time and really have no idea what we’re doing. Why hasn’t that actually happened to the people that work at jelly bean companies that aren’t Jelly Belly?


Facebook’s Analog Research Lab was kind enough to ask me to design some posters for their new farm.




Did you guys know that old issues of Next Gen magazine are all on Archive.org? 


An in-between step from some doodling that I almost used as my Halloween avatar cuz I like the empty voidness of it.


Channeled some inner Kare when I redid the icons for my boards on Quora.


I made some minimalist posters of my favorite, iconic minimalist posters.


The music in the Curiosity video is pretty fucking real.

7.18.2012 Caltrain Tragedy

I just watched a guy try to pass off his friend’s Caltrain ticket as his own. He was wearing a fedora, and drinking the XXX flavor of Vitamin Water. I’m positive he only picked that flavor because it has a black label, so it could match his fedora. I wanted to rat him out just for that, but he got off before the conductor came back. Also, there’s no way I would’ve had the courage. Also, I don’t actually care.