David Cole

7.14.2012 Where does a leprechaun hide the spare key to his apartment?

Under a sham rock.


Rock Shrimp, backed by Yucatan white sauce, play to a crowd of gourmet black beans and Aztec rice. Crisp lettuce and sun-ripened Roma tomato salsa wrap up this jam session.

— Rojoz Wraps Menu


Part of what inspired my series of Star Trek fanzine posts is my long-held belief that eBay is an underrated method for discovering weird gems of the internet. It might be a miserable product for purchasing goods, but the sheer volume of bizarre, personal stuff on there is amazing. Similarly, Google Maps has all sorts of surprises if you take the time to look around. Tonight I flicked about Kumasi in Ghana, a random choice, and looked for businesses with funny names. Behold!


On the flip side, some of these are actually completely fantastic.


Some sort of mysterious, cosmic force is preventing me from closing this eBay search.


Various Star Trek fan zines I found on eBay.



Went to the fanciest party of my life yesterday. “Prove it,” you say? Look here: mini tacos.



I once tried Instagram. I posted this photo, from the Macy’s Flower Show Petacular, and it got zero likes. I deleted my account later in the week.