Caltrain Tragedy

I just watched a guy try to pass off his friend’s Caltrain ticket as his own. He was wearing a fedora, and drinking the XXX flavor of Vitamin Water. I’m positive he only picked that flavor because it has a black label, so it could match his fedora. I wanted to rat him out just for that, but he got off before the conductor came back. Also, there’s no way I would’ve had the courage. Also, I don’t actually care.

Rock Shrimp, backed by Yucatan white sauce, play to a crowd of gourmet black beans and Aztec rice. Crisp lettuce and sun-ripened Roma tomato salsa wrap up this jam session.

– Rojoz Wraps Menu

Part of what inspired my series of Star Trek fanzine posts is my long-held belief that eBay is an underrated method for discovering weird gems of the internet. It might be a miserable product for purchasing goods, but the sheer volume of bizarre, personal stuff on there is amazing. Similarly, Google Maps has all sorts of surprises if you take the time to look around. Tonight I flicked about Kumasi in Ghana, a random choice, and looked for businesses with funny names. Behold!