Hello, late night Tumblr pals. You are my dearest readers, so I would like you be the first to know first that I am teaching a product design class in San Francisco. There are two dates: 6/19 and 6/26. You may sign up here, if you like. I’m very excited, myself.

Here’s the course description:

Investment in design is at an all-time high, and as designers we’re increasingly finding ourselves in leadership positions. We have the opportunity to create change at a massive scale, but to get there we must learn to expand the scope of our concerns, and reexamine how we spend our energy.

In Principles of Product Design, I’ll look at what differentiates product thinking from traditional experience design, and how the two fields work together. I will focus on how to think about design, not what to think. Subjects will range from the strategic to the tactical, from identifying market fit, to working with data, to maximizing design returns.

This class is for UX designers learning to think from a product standpoint.

I’m already working on the class, and I think it’s my best educational thing so far. I have priced it at a friendly $20.