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Zounds, it’s here! After pounding away for five or six weeks, I submit for your approval: The Sway. A trim 35 minutes of old fashioned rhythm & blues from mid-century New Orleans and Texas.

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I created this mix in the style of my Space Age Pop mixtape; that is, I downloaded every possible song I could find in the genre, rated ‘em all and assembled my favorites. To examine a few gems…

Fats Domino - Be My Guest
I alluded in an earlier post that a Fats ur-ska track would make an appearance, and indeed it managed to survive my ruthless editing. If this isn’t just downright ska, it at least contains all the elements.

The Blenders - Don’t Fuck Around With Love
A bit juvenile, perhaps, but it makes me smile every time; the singers themselves can barely keep from laughing. I always love songs that show their seams, like…

The Showmen - 39-21-40 Shape
…with its cracked voices and missed notes. I like to imagine that they recorded this in one take, then the singer was filled with lust and had to excuse himself to find whoever this song is about.

The full albums I recommend picking up are: The Fats Domino Jukebox (great full sounding remasters), I Didn’t Want To Do it by The Spiders, and Lost Dreams: The New Orleans Vocal Groups.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


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