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Got bored of that stupid little cardinal. Here are my new phone wallpapers. They can be yours too!




And hey, why not offer my own derivative pixel work? Here’s a full alphabet version of the Hellenic-inspired pixel font I made for those covers.

(Edit: the font now features an “X”! And it’s available for download on Fontstruct.)


Reading @waxpancake’s story today, my biggest question was: what will the new cover be? I certainly have no association with Mr. Baio or the project, but it seemed like a nice opportunity to play with pixels in a totally different aesthetic than I normally do. So: here’s a set of exercises.

(Edit: and just to be clear the top right one is a wholly original drawing! Based on around 6 photos, none from that angle.)



David Cole made this for an upcoming bumper. We think it’s amazing.


Getting back into the swing of things with Menagerie.


Brain is churnin’ tonight.


Fukurokuju, one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune, reigning over wealth, wisdom, and longevity, incarnation of the Southern Polestar, with the ability to revive the dead and a scroll containing the lifespan of every person on earth.


Redeemer of the universe, foremost of the Dasa Mahavidyas, slayer of Raktabija, beyond time, the ultimate reality: Kālī. Gathering inspiration for new game ideas means binging on Wikipedia entries and doodling what sticks out.


I was looking for some buildings to draw today and I suddenly remembered my trip to Cadaqués, a sleepy little fishing village a few hours north of Barcelona, and just a skip away from France. It’s where Dalí and his wife Gala kept their home. I’m a far cry from being a big Dalí guy, but holy crap do I want to live in his house. It’s something like 7 small fishing shacks on a slope, with the walls knocked down to join them into a mazy paradise. I mean, peep this fucking lounge!


Like a lot of people, I’ve grown weary of seeing those Tumbeasts during Tumblr’s downtime. I admit, I enjoyed them the first time. But it feels to me like it could be, well, better. Tag and I are terribly big fans of Peter, especially his rad 'tude, so we discussed some ideas for new ideas and I humbly submit this, the above, as a successor to the 503 page graphic.