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An in-between step from some doodling that I almost used as my Halloween avatar cuz I like the empty voidness of it.


Channeled some inner Kare when I redid the icons for my boards on Quora.


There are about a million adorable articles of clothing one can buy for one’s baby, but I wanted to do something special for my own son. I put together a few designs inspired by my favorite themes from children’s toys and games. I shared them with some friends and the response was so positive, I’ve decided to put them up for sale.

I’m doing them through Spreadshirt, so the size and color choices are very flexible. You can get any of the three designs in baby, kid, and adult sizes in a whole buncha colors. The printing is a cute, textured felt. I just ordered the ghosts on gray for myself.

You can purchase them here!


One of my favorite parts about doing the kits is designing the stamp that we put on every box. 


I’m gonna start a little store soon and I’ll be selling a few things. This is a preview of one. More soon!


Plaid studies!


Halloweening my wife was no easy task. I went through a bunch of different ideas. Fortunately I created her current avatar so I had the PSD to goof around in.

Top left is the original, which itself is derivative of the poster for the truly spectacular Fellini film, Nights of Cabiria, pictured in the top right.

Center is my favorite, Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl by way of Yvonne Craig’s stunning purple outfit from the ’60s show. Bottom left is, of course, Mrs. Leia Organa Solo. Bottom right is Sophie-Anne Leclerq, vampire queen of Louisiana and victim of IRS scrutiny from True Blood.


Here’s one I’ve never put online. There’s actually one of these for each astrological sign, but these are my four favorites. That Sagittarius in the bottom left remains one of my favorite pixel pieces that I’ve done.


Just realized this wasn’t online anywhere! Here it is: Mission Pie’s original location down to the last detail. This was my first real pixel art piece, and remains the most complex one I’ve ever done. Click for a 2x version to enjoy the little details.


Got a request for a Tetris wallpaper. Sorry, I don’t take requests.